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Term Definition
A footing
Short pier used as a base for a column
Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Column partially or completely embedded in the ground to serve as a column
A concrete, steel, or wood member driven into the ground to support a load
Pile Cap
Structural member placed on the tops of piles and used to distribute loads from the structure to the piles
Pre-Moulded Joint Filler-A bituminous material used to divide two sections of concrete to allow for expansions due to temperature changes. Usually used in floating slabs
Portal Frame
A rigid frame also known as a Wind Bent, to resist lateral forces in a metal building
A method of pre-stressing reinforced concrete when tends are tensioned after concrete has reached a specified strength
Pre-Cast Pile
A reinforced concrete pile manufactured in a casting plan or at the jobsite and driven into place by a pile hammer.
Pounds Per Square Foot
Pounds Per Square Inch
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