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Term Definition
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Order Documents
The documents normally required by the MB-Manufacturer in the ordinary course of entering and processing an order by which the Builder or End User orders the Metal Building System from the Manufacturer.
A footing
Short pier used as a base for a column
Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Column partially or completely embedded in the ground to serve as a column
A concrete, steel, or wood member driven into the ground to support a load
Pile Cap
Structural member placed on the tops of piles and used to distribute loads from the structure to the piles
Pre-Moulded Joint Filler-A bituminous material used to divide two sections of concrete to allow for expansions due to temperature changes. Usually used in floating slabs
Portal Frame
A rigid frame also known as a Wind Bent, to resist lateral forces in a metal building
A method of pre-stressing reinforced concrete when tends are tensioned after concrete has reached a specified strength
Pre-Cast Pile
A reinforced concrete pile manufactured in a casting plan or at the jobsite and driven into place by a pile hammer.
Pounds Per Square Foot
Pounds Per Square Inch
Deformed steel bar used to reinforce concrete
Steel bars or wires embedded in concrete and located in such a manner that the metal and concrete act together in resisting loads.
A long straight edge (usually a 2x4 or 2x6) used in leveling off the top of fresh concrete for rough leveling
A flat section of concrete
Slab pour directly over a grade or sub-base
Soff Cut Saw
A brand of concrete saw, cuts in saw cut joints when the concrete is stiff but still wet.
The development of spalls, fragments, usually in the shape of flakes, detached from a large mass by a blow, action of weather (freezing, or high heat), pressure or by expansion within the larger mass of concrete.
Connection of one reinforcing bar or WWR to another by lapping, welding or other mechanical means.
Spread Footing
Footings which support one or more columns or piers on earth or rock.
Reinforcing bars typically bent in the shape of a "U" holding other bars in place.
The soil supporting the structure or pavement
Sidewall of a metal building. Long straight side where the gutter attaches
A plywood device to hold anchor bolts in place during the placement of concrete
Reinforcing bars holding other reinforcing bars in place.
An-oscillating machine used to agitate fresh concrete to eliminate voids or "honeycombs" before the concrete hardens.
A vertical decorative trim around a building-in relation to this site, we refer to CMU or brick wall that is non-structural usually 6' and under.
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