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Technical Bulletin #1 - MBS Settings For Foundation Reactions PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Thomson   
Wednesday, 10 September 2008 04:38


MBS Settings For Foundation Reactions

The following information is for Metal Building Manufacturer's who use MBS Software to design their Metal Buildings

Designing a metal building foundation with inaccurate information can lead to inefficient or, more importantly, inadequate footing designs.  Therefore, it is imperative that complete and accurate foundation reactions are provided.  Please note the following:


1.   Basic reaction reports that are shown on most MBS generated plans are generally inadequate and misrepresented.

2.   Maximum reactions are not always Dead+Live+Coll or Dead+Wind.  In many cases it can be a secondary wind, snow or seismic load that produces the greatest reaction.

3.  It is very important that the breakdown of each load case is included as well.  Always provide the individual Dead Load, Wind Loads, Seismic Loads, etc. These individual loads are necessary to correctly size the anchor bolts.

4.  The settings in MBS must be set correctly to display the proper reactions on the plans.  See box below.

These requirements apply for both rigid frame and end walls.


Set the following options in your DwgCtrl.in file:





*ABolt                  ----------------Reactions/Notes----------------

*Dwg    Contents  Bolt  ----Reactions---   Bolt   General    Location

*Id      Option   Line  RF    EW   Notes  Table   Notes   (R1/R2/T1/T2)   Logo

  1       'PD '   '2'   'Y '  'Y '   'N '   'Y '    'N '       'R2'        'N'   .. AnDwg-1

  2       'DR '   '2'   '4 '  '4  '   '2 '   '2 '    '2 '       'R2'        'N'   .. AnDwg-2

  3       'PDR'   '2'   '4 '  '4  '   '2 '   '2 '    '2 '       'R2'        'N'   .. AnDwg-3


If these settings are not used, then the React.out file will need to be submitted in either electronic format or hard copy, along with the plans for foundation design.



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