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Written by Deborah Thomson   
Monday, 08 September 2008 23:47

The Significance Of The Chili Pepper

Chilies come in all shapes, sizes, denominations, and flavors - mild to wild.  Some treat you to a little heat, a little substance, a lingering on the tip of the tongue.  Others come at you so hard you think you'll never be able to breathe or taste or talk again, ever.

Chilies Demand Respect!

The best chilies are the ones that mix and mingle, lend some flavor and take some away - creating a whole that is infinitely greater than any of it's parts, a whole that lingers in the soul forever.

And then there comes Salsa, which is, I think why God created the chili pepper, just for the company of its friends - onion, garlic, tomato, vinegar, salt, and, at times, other, more exotic, companions.

So why the chili pepper?

We feel life should be lived in a Habenero way, with taste and heat, lending and taking, freely with no reservations, mixing easily and naturally, and giving good measure to every moment.  In other words,live life and do your work with passion! Since our beginnings in 2001, we have maintained our dedication to and passion for, innovation in the metal building industry. Salsa Steel Corp. is a blending of our customers tastes - from mild to wild - and an infusion of our own flavor, expertise and character, to produce to the most technically advanced designes and the highest quality products possible at all times. Products with substance and creativity that stand apart from the rest. And this is the lifestyle we want our company and our designs to represent.

Salsa Products, Like The Best Chilies, Demand Repect!


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